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Tel: 021 948 7889
Superior Pools
Repairs, installations, maintenance
fbreglass renovations, relining
pool renovations
insurance quotes
Salt chlorinators
solar heating
Superior paving
We also manufacture and distribute the following products:
• Aluminium Windows
• Aluminium Sliding Doors
• Aluminium Shower Doors
• Steam Shower Cubicles
• Prison Windows, Gates and Doors
• Cliscoe Windows for low cost housing
With over ffty years in the business, Wispeco
is your frst choice when it comes to garage
doors. Our products are tried and tested, and
combine safety and durability with innovative
design and reliability. Finely crafted fnishes
and whisper smooth operation, are testimony
to our assured quality.
31 Fabriek Street, Kuilsrivier, Cape Town | Tel: (021) 903 3121 | Fax: (021) 903 7347
With over forty years in the business, Consolite are the largest manufacturers of Steel Windows and Steel Door Frames
for offce blocks, hotels, schools, government buildings and low cost housing in the Western Cape.